OPTIP is the result of the propensity to innovation of PREDICT, official partner of Ge healthcare for Puglia. The system is born to offer a remote technical assistance service through holopresence.

The experience of PREDICT in the medical field has allowed the company to develop HoloHealth the application that, starting from the Optip system brings augmented reality in several sectors of medicine, as the discharge from hospital, the operating theatre and the ambulance.

The recent partnership with Scuola di Palo Alto has opened the OPTIP application to other industrial environments.



Angelo Gigante
Loredana Amoruso
Legal Affairs
Monica Carella
Project Manager HoloHealth



A year of awards.

Attention to human resources, focus on our customers’ needs and excellence of the services offered: these are the qualities that have allowed Optip to conquer reliability and prestige in public and private health environments.

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