Optip triumphs at the Positive Business Award

Wednesday December 20th, 2017

Absolute winner and first in the category Positive Business Technology: great success for Optip at the Positive Business Awards 2017. The jury, composed by entrepreneurs, journalists and professionals expert for each of the twenty-two categories of the prize, has been convinced by the fact that, as shown also in other occasions, Optip gives a surely positive contribution to healthcare technology. Optip’s technology has already been concretely applied to give remote technical assistance on medical devices, but the bigger innovation is the pilot project, started with Ospedali Riuniti of Foggia and Policlinico of Bari, for the medical assistance towards patients who do not need hospitalization but who need the support of the expert. The use of mixed reality viewers allows to the person who assists the ill person to be a medium between this latter and the physician who ca, by smartphone or tablet, take into consideration the situation and give indications about the therapies as he finds in physical contact with the patient. All this, in several situations, makes hospitalization useless, with a remarkable positive impact on the psychological wellbeing of the person who needs assistance and on the healthcare expenses. The Optip technology, based on the Hololens viewers by Microsoft (already used in the medical field with didactic scopes) has been developed by Predict, leader company in the field of the distribution of electro-medical devices in synergy with General Electric Healthcare, of which Predict is distributor in Puglia and Basilicata.

Invest on research and development of innovative projects, in an optic patient-oriented, is one of the basic values of Predict, already awarded with national and international recognitions aimed at rewarding the entrepreneurial capacity and the concrete applicability in everyday life.

Created upon initiative of the Scuola di Palo Alto, prestigious Italian Business School, the prize has come to the fourth edition. The just has selected the company or the personality that mostly reflects the values on which the Prize is based, and has then declared the absolute winner of the Positive Business Award. The synergy between positive emotions and performance is at the base of the educational methods of the Scuola di Palo Alto, which President, Marco Masella, highlights how it is important and stimulating for the development of enterprises, to linger and enhance the success obtained. On 8th June, they have awarded the capacity of developing a positive vision in the short and long period, to exploit technologies having a concrete impact in the improvement of the quality of life, to use media for the positive involvement of the citizens, and to have in general a positive approach towards life, both in the working environment and in a normal one.

Features recognised to Predict srl as leader of the public-private Cluster active on another extraordinary project, called Inside the Breath, that has recently received the Premio Puglia Salute, for an unconventional method, above all minimally invasive but reliable, for the diagnosis of several pathologies and neoplasms. This is an ambitious initiative, witnessing Predict’s efforts in cooperating with the territory, public bodies and private enterprises, for the growth of the healthcare field. It is not a case if the company has been included in the prestigious list of the one thousand enterprises awarded by the Financial Times for the high rate of growth obtained between 2012 and 2015.

The awards obtained by Optip at the Positive Business Award confirm the right path followed by Predict: development and innovation, attention toward the needs of the patients and physicians, from an extremely positive point of view.

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