Medical assistance through holopresence.

The HoloHealth application allows the physician to give remote assistance and support who physically cares about the patient (caregiver).

The system is formed by:


a Mixed Reality viewer

an application for smartphones/tablet

a desktop application

a back-end for interaction management

How it works


The caregiver enters the app from his smartphone, authenticates with the credentials given by Optip and scans the QR code that identifies him univocally. The system decodes the QR code and forwards a request of assistance.

The physician, in remote, through the appdesktop, takes in charge the request and starts a chat with the caregiver. The assistance can be solved via chat or the caregiver can be requested to wear the HoloLens.

Once the Mixed Reality headset worn, the physician visualizes in real time what the caregiver is seeing. Inb this way he can give a series of information in form of holograms, such as for example arrows and drawings, that guide him in the assistance.

At the end of the intervention, the system sends to the patient a recapitulatory document. The holoassistance simulates the presence of the physician close to the patient, facilitating the communication and the exchange of information in real time.

At the end of the intervention, the system sends to the user the Service Report filled by the technician. Thanks to holoassistance it seems that the technician is always close to the user, ready to give information and support for the resolution of the problem.

Saving time and costs
Saving time and costs

The physician and the caregiver interact remotely in real time, reducing the times of intervention and their costs. In this way the physician can use the saved time for other remote visits and the patient can receive the medical consultation at home.

Interaction between real and virtual
Interaction between real and virtual

The application allows the visualization of three-dimensional objects in the real space, allowing the caregiver and the physician to see the patient and the information added during assistance.

Close, at distance
Close, at distance

The sensation for the patient is to have the physician close to him, ready to put his know-how at his health’s service.

HoloHealth: new applications.

Thanks to the work of research and development, Optip has identified further applications for HoloHealth.

Remote consultation among physicians during surgeries in the operating theatres or during emergencies in the ambulance.

Remote training, through real-time sessions

Remote visits of general practitioners or paediatricians.

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