Optip Surgery

The application enables the transfer of medical expertise before, during and after surgery with the support of Mixed Reality and holograms.
Optip Surgery


Consultation or second opinion
To discuss a surgical procedure in real time and at a distance, using three-dimensional holograms (organ reconstruction, examinations) or two-dimensional holograms and keeping your hands free.
Remote Case Support
To receive remote support from dedicated Application Specialists.
To optimise proctoring sessions in terms of time and effectiveness.
To train professionals in a practical and innovative way.

How does it work?

Optip Surgery involves the use of a visor (Hololens) and the Optip platform. Thanks to the visors, it is possible to establish a real time audio-video connection with users remotely.

In this way, the doctor continues to have his hands free, the surgical field remains aseptic and the operation can continue unimpeded.

In the intra-operative phase, it allows recording, live consultation and real-time sharing of information useful for the operation.

Optip Surgery enables the sharing of holograms in the surrounding environment and information useful for the operation, such as clinical examinations and 3D reconstructions of organs and anatomical districts.

Optip Surgery e Streambox

There are numerous diagnostic devices in the operating theatre. Streambox allows the diagnostic image to be transmitted to users remotely, providing a complete picture of what is happening in the room.

Optip Surgery e Optip Space

Optip Space is Optip’s virtual space where all desired holographic content can be collected. It can be configured for use during surgery, to facilitate the surgeon’s access to clinical content relating to the current operation or in the pre- or post-operative phase for a clinical case study using 3D models.


• Hands Free Approach
• Consultation between specialists: in real time
• Optimisation of time and physical travel
• More effective visualisation of information in 3D

Optip Surgery Starter kit

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