Optip Probe

An application primarily designed for medical specialists that integrates the intelligence and user- friendliness of Google Glass visors with the functions of the Vscan Air portable ultrasound system.
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optip probe


Optip Probe is designed for use in private and public healthcare and education due to its extreme versatility.


To remotely guide the performance of ultrasound examination in home care and community medicine settings and facilitate access to healthcare for patients living in remote locations.

Consultation or second opinion

To discuss an examination in real time and at a distance.

Issue management
In an ambulance with real-time intervention by an experienced Control Room doctor.

How does it work?

Thanks to Optip Probe, the remote medical specialist interacts with the on-site healthcare technician who is wearing Google Glass.
In this way, the specialist can carry out a remote examination in tele-ecography, using the hands and eyes of the technician who is physically performing the examination on the patient.
On the computer, the medical specialist sees in real time both what the technician is looking at with the viewers and the image provided by the Vscan Air probe.
Thanks to this double view, the doctor can guide the technician step by step, accompanying him in every action and correcting any possible errors in real time.


Decongestion of non-critical cases
● More effective and immediate management of emergencies
Reachability of remote and hard-to-reach areas
● Improved quality of services

The kit

Tele-ultrasound platform

Remote specialist account (usable on PC)

Augmented Reality Visor Google Glass

12-month warranty on the entire kit

On-site user account
(usable via visors))

Ceiling of 30,000 minutes of video calls

GE Healthcare VScan Air probe (with 36-month warranty)

Starting from
7.299€ + vat

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